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Wild Moon Sisters - the Way of Wild Woman

We are the Wild Moon Sisters – Stina Gray and Camilla Måne - a singing, drumming and storytelling duo based in Sweden. Together we create songs, chants and ceremonies for the different seasons of the year and elements of nature. We create moon ceremonies, women’s circles, workshops and events. We are passionate about returning to nature, invoking the wisdom of the earth and exploring the ways of the wild. And last weekend in Järna, just outside of Stockholm, Sweden, we held a full-day workshop for women – Vildkvinnans Väg – The Way of Wild Woman.
What is the Wild? Who is Wild Woman? Wild Man? What does the wild invoke in you?
The Wild One stirs our longing to live more fully in our power, freedom and lust for life. The Way can only be found deep within the depths of one’s soul. It is that instinctive and intuitive part of us that guides us into our true power, magic and wildness...Wild Woman’s songs and stories invoke our longing to live more fully in our power, freedom, in our bodies …

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