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Song of the Woods

The story of The Woodswomen tells of a time long ago when women could be seen in the woods. The woodswomen were guardians of the woods and keepers of the woodland lore. In their keeping was the very heart of the woods and in order to protect and preserve it, they had to keep it drumming by the singing of its songs, the telling of its stories and the remembering of its ancient medicine. The woodland lore was once common knowledge, known and respected by all. Following in the footsteps of the woodswomen, the people learnt from an early age how to walk in tune with the heart of the woods. The people were friends of the woods and the woodswomen gladly shared their knowledge with them. In return, the people helped the woodswomen preserve the woodland lore by the singing of its songs and telling of its stories, and not only did they help preserve it, they brought it to life by the spirit of their own songs. By the love of the people, the woods thrived as never before. Do you remember the song…

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