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When Children Had Wings

  Photo by Jill Wellington Once upon a time, long ago, all children were born with wings. Every pair of wings was a beauty and wonder to behold. Some wings were big and bright, made for great adventures over land and sea. Some wings were small and quick, perfect for flying very close to the earth where one can discover the most precious treasures and gifts that others do not always see. Some wings were dark midnight blue, speckled with shining gemstones and golden jewels, like stars in the night sky. Some wings were red, orange and glittering gold, and when they moved, they looked like dancing flames. Some wings were frosty white and clear blue, like a winter landscape in the moonlight. Some wings were emerald green and earthy brown, like an old, mossy forest. The children with wings loved to fly and play all day long. Their world was a magical, marvellous place and every day was a new adventure. The children laughed, played and soared the skies until the day came when they ha

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