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Stargazing in the Mountains

Spring has come to Järna, the little town just south of Stockholm where I live, and I just returned home from a week in Los Romanes, an Andalusian mountain village in southern Spain where my father, astrologer Wilhelm Axling, held a one week course in astrology. 

My father has been working with astrology for almost fifty years now and his knowledge is truly vast. What I most love about his approach to astrology is how he brings the horoscope to life, describing it as our very own personally designed key of enlightenment. “At the moment of our birth, the position of the planets in the solar system forms a cosmic mirror consisting of a completely unique energy pattern that seeks its culmination through us. It is from that perspective that I see the birth horoscope as a map that can help guide us home to our true selves and natural state of being. It is through tuning in to a state of conscious resonance with our own unique frequency that we shine our light out into the world and realise …

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