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Medicine Dream

I once had a dream about a snake.  A giant black snake entered a great city, destroying everything in its path. Buildings came crashing down and fear swept throughout the entire city – paralyzing some and sending others into hysteria. However a small group of people were immune to the fear and they remained calm. Together, they found a way to overcome the snake and save the city. Venom flowed from the snakes’ fangs and onto the streets where it ran like a stream of shining gold. The people collected the golden venom in glass jars and it was transformed into a healing honey that was used to heal the wounded and restore the damage made to the city. And so began a new era of peace and prosperity.  So remember, dear friends, the healing golden honey comes from the venom of the snake. Be the eye of the storm, the calm in the midst of panic and fear, and let’s make honey for the children of today and children of the future, for our beloved Mother Earth and for all life.  Now we are being calle…

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