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Welcome to Sagoheim, a storytelling podcast and sanctuary where trees can speak, the rivers sing songs and the mountains whisper in an ancient tongue known only to those who listen from the very soles of their feet. Sagoheim literally means "Story Home," or, as I see it, "Story Sanctuary," and is both the name of my new storytelling podcast as well as a symbol for the heart of my work as a storyteller, writer and woodswoman.Sagoheim is a sanctuary for the living soul of nature as expressed through story. It is a podcast about storytelling and also very much about the art of listening – listening to the whispers of nature, the songs and stories of the earth, returning to the dreaming of the land and journeying within to your own inner sanctuary of dreaming. My hope is that the songs and stories that I share here may kindle a spark of magic in your fire hearth and inspire you to go outside and listen to nature with all of your senses. When you begin to truly listen t…

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