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Ever since I first found the story of the woodswomen whispering in the woods, I have been on a journey of wandering and listening, collecting songs and stories wherever I go. And this autumn finds me yet again venturing into the dusty archives on the hunt for the forgotten stories of the Nordic woods. This is my final term (at least for this time round!) at the university and I have just started to work on a thesis in ethnology about - surprise, surprise! – the woodswomen, or more specifically, the woodswomen of the Swedish fäbod culture.  The story of the woodswomen says that there was a time long ago when women could be seen in the woods, and indeed, there was such a time here in the lands of the north. Still people tell stories about the huldra, guardian spirit of the woods, but in the old days she wasn’t merely a fanciful story, but actually a real part of people’s lives.  The woods of old were also alive with the people who lived there, farmers and nomads, women and men, young and …

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