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Story Walk

I recently held a story walk in the woods – sagovandring i trollskogen – sharing stories about the huldra, guardian spirit of the woods. Skogsrå, skogsfru, huldra, vittra – the woodswoman of Nordic folklore is known by many names throughout Sweden. Some describe her as a part of the forest itself, with the ability to change into the shape of a tree, a stone or an animal. Sometimes she appears as an old crone and other times as a young maiden. But despite her beautiful appearance, there is always something amiss – be it her back, covered with bark or hollow like a rotten tree trunk, or be it the long tail sticking out from under her skirt. 

So what exactly is a story walk, perhaps you're wondering? Well, the story walks that I hold are basically a combination of storytelling and walking in the woods. The walk can consist of several short stories or a long story unravelled in portions along the way, stopping at certain places along the forest path where the audience can sit down on a…

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