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My wanderings now find me in a rainy Sydney, where I am staying at an airbnb by Bronte Beach. I arrived in Australia three weeks ago, where I spent my first week in Melbourne, staying in the “cosy shed” airbnb (a garden shed converted into a cosy room with its own bathroom) at the home of a creative couple who write poetry, design clothes, travel the world and bake the best vegan chocolate cake I have ever tasted! From Melbourne I made my way along the southeast coast by train and bus. Halfway between Melbourne and Sydney, I stopped for two nights in the seaside town of Merimbula. The hostel I had booked turned out to be empty, so I got my dorm room upgraded to a private room free of charge and had the whole place for myself! Ah, my day in Merimbula... A lazy, sunny day of strolling along the beach, watching the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening, turning the sky a soft shade of pink. I love the freedom of exploring new places on my own! I love being with friends and meeti…

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