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Summer Reflections

On this full moon I give thanks for a beautiful and bountiful summer. My drum and I have travelled around the country, connecting with friends old and new, gathering people in circles to dance, sing and share stories of healing, returning and reawakening.  Now it is so good to be home! I love travelling – but I also love returning home after an intensive period of storytelling, performance and teaching. Looking back at these past few weeks, I feel a deep sense of gratitude, awe and love. Life is truly magical.  This summer I met a butterfly one day while out walking on a wildflower meadow on the beautiful grounds of Mundekulla Retreat Center in southern Sweden. The butterfly reminded me that I have come out on the other side of the cocoon. I am soaring! Years of path-finding have come to an end. I have found my path. I say I’m a storyteller, writer and ethnologist – but really I am a gatherer of bones, like old Bone Woman in her cave, gathering the bones and singing them to life, preserv…

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