The Lonely Mountain Path


They say the traveller went to the mountains where she found a path only she could see.

There were no signs about the way, and no-one could say what lay around the corner.

In the beginning, she knew her purpose and she went forward with confidence. She was following a scent - of what, she could not say - but it was a scent she knew and trusted. It had never let her down before.  

High up in the mountains, tired and weary, she lay down to rest. When she awoke, she looked ahead at the rocky, crooked path. What was she doing there? She could not remember. It was lonely in the mountains. The winds were fierce and cold. Her feet were wounded and bleeding. Few beings could thrive in in such a cold and barren land.

They told her she was crazy. Maybe they were right, she thought.
She was just on the verge of turning back when she caught sight of the moon glowing in the sky.

Smiling, she continued to walk into the unknown.


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