The Story of Little Seed

Once upon a time, a little seed lay sleeping under the earth. It was so warm and cosy down there, and the little seed slept soundly throughout the entire winter.
When spring came around, the snow melted and the birds began singing so loudly, and so happily, they finally managed to awaken the little seed from her long winter sleep.
Little Seed woke up and felt very strange. Something was stirring within her and it made her want to move, dance and shake. Such a strange feeling! Why, she had never felt that way before and she did not like it all. No, no, no, Little Seed tried to ignore the strange feeling and go back to sleep, but it was just impossible. That pestering, stirring feeling was like butterflies in her tummy and she just had to streeeech her little arms up, up up, and streeeeech her little legs down, down, down, and it felt so good, so little seed let out a long yaaaaaaawn of delight.
Now, something even stranger began to happen.
Little Seed’s arms and legs began to grow, and she could not do anything to stop it. She watched on in awe as her arms and legs grew longer and longer, and the stirring feeling within her belly began to grow stronger, and stronger, and her entire body began to shake and tremble.
“Stop, stop stop!” she cried, but no matter how much she tried to stop it she still continued to grow longer, and longer, and her entire body trembled uncontrollably. When she realised that there was nothing she could do she finally began to let go, and she found, to her amazement, that all the strange growing, moving and trembling was actually rather delightful.
The flow of life was moving through her veins and as she let go, she began to dance with it and play with it, and it felt both good and frightening at the same time. She was just beginning to enjoy the ride, when suddenly her arms reached the surface of the earth, and now this was just too much for Little Seed. You see, in her mind, the surface of the earth was like standing at the edge of a great cliff, with a mighty wind blowing up against her back and howling at her to jump. She cried out at the top of her lungs, “NO! NO! NO! I won’t go and you can’t make me!”
For a second, her arms and legs stopped growing and trembling. Little Seed blinked in surprise. Did she really have a choice? It seemed so, but as she let out a sigh of relief, her body began to tremble once more.
Her entire being wanted to move, dance and grow, but she was so afraid. She did not know anything about the world up there. No one had prepared her for this! It was so warm, safe, and cosy down there under the earth, and Little Seed would much rather stay there, but that strange, stirring feeling within her belly was growing so strong, like water boiling over, so she just had to streeeeeech her arms up, up, up, and streeeeeech her legs down, down, down.
As her arms reached above the earth, they began to grow hands and fingers, and as her legs began to sink deeper underground, they began to grow feet and toes. Little Seed stretched her little fingers and wriggled her little toes and she found that she could feel things in an entirely new way.
Up above the earth, her fingers could feel the fresh air and the warm sunshine. It did not feel so bad, and so Little Seed raised her head up above the earth and looked around. First, it was so bright so she had to blink many times before she could make out anything. There were so many colours and so much to see!
The Wind blew past and said, “Hello there, little one! Welcome!”
Little Seed watched the Wind dance up above and she found her voice to say, “Hello, Wind! Say, could you tell me where I am?”
“Why, yes, of course,” said Wind. “We are on the earth, and we share the earth with many creatures big and small.”
Little Seed thanked the wind, and he went on his way, blowing, dancing and singing his song. She found that she was not so afraid anymore and it felt so good to stretch her body, higher and higher, up above the earth, and stretch her feet, deeper and deeper down under.
When summer came around, Little Seed had grown quite big, and she was thoroughly enjoying her new home up above the earth. It was so bright and colourful up there, and she enjoyed watching the dance of life all around her – the trees and the flowers, the squirrels and rabbits, the butterflies and the bees, the birds and the ducks, the cats and the slithering snake.
Just as Little Seed was beginning to relax and enjoy herself, something very strange began to happen. She began to grow new hands! Many hands began to grow all over her arms and there were so many of them she could not even count them all. The stirring, bubbling feeling in her tummy began to grow stronger, and faster, and tiny little bumps appeared all over her arms, hands and fingers. Now Little Seed became very worried. What were all these nasty little blisters? Was something wrong with her?
A butterfly landed on one of her fingers and Little Seed said, “Please, dear Butterfly, please help me! I think something is terribly wrong with me! I have all these blisters growing all over my body…”
Butterfly laughed and said, “Oh, don’t worry about that! Nothing is wrong with you. Those blisters are your buds.”
“Really?” said Little Seed, “Oh, thank goodness! I was so afraid.”
Butterfly went on her way and Little Seed continued to grow and change all throughout the summer. Finally, the buds began to tremble, and she felt like she was about to explode any second.
Now Little Seed did not mind the changing and moving dance of life so much anymore. No, she was actually learning to enjoy the adventure of it, and so, she let go and opened her heart. All of the buds began to open up and transform into the most beautiful, colourful and sweet-smelling flowers.
Little Seed watched in awe as her entire upper body blossomed into a new and beautiful being. Many creatures big and small gathered around her and admired her beauty. The birds in the trees sang songs of praise, the butterflies danced around her, and an old grandfather rabbit hopped past and said, “Well, would you look at that!”
A human walking past caught sight of her too. Admiring her, the human exclaimed, “Wow, I don’t know what your kind of flowers are really called, but if I could give you a name I would call you Big Blossoming Beauty.”
Big Blossoming Beauty looked back at the human and smiled. All this time she had still thought of herself as Little Seed! She thanked the human for her new name and continued to blossom all throughout the rest of the summer, and all who walked by stopped to admire her big and blossoming beauty.

A Story by Stina Gray


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