Guardian of the Night

Have you ever listened to a stone? Rocks and stones have been around for a long time, and they have a lot to say. Once, a stone told me a story about a small, grey mountain… 

Once upon a time, there lived a mountain named Elephant Mountain.

Elephant Mountain was small and grey and all the other mountains nearby never took any notice of him. The other mountains were large and magnificent, dressed in their finest cloaks of glittering snow and lush green forest. They were always telling stories, singing songs and talking about all manner of things.

Elephant Mountain was so quiet and never told any stories. Sometimes, the other mountains remembered the little grey mountain, and tried to speak to him. However, whenever they asked him a question, he would only smile and mumble a few words no one could understand. Some thought he had gone mad.

At night, when all the other mountains were fast asleep, Elephant Mountain would reveal his true self. Ever so slowly, he would lift his ginormous elephant ears high into the starry skies up above. Eye closed, he listened, and with those enormous elephant ears of his, he could hear things from very far away.

Listening, he heard the dreams of all the mountains and all the creatures of the wild.

Listening, he heard the dreams of all the people in the towns and villages far, far away.

Listening, he heard the dreams of all the souls on earth.

All night long, Elephant Mountain listened to the dreams of the world.

He will always be listening.

Forever the silent guardian of the night.


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