In the Forest of Dean there is an old forest called Puzzlewood. I spent the day there today, and wow – what a magical place! A maze of mossy green pathways, winding stairs, secret caves, tangled vines and twisting trees… Puzzlewood is a most enchanting forest… 
If you are a fan of the BBC Merlin series like I am, then Puzzlewood is a must see! Many scenes from Merlin were filmed in Puzzlewood – for example Morganna’s hideaway. It is also believed that J.R.R Tolkien found inspiration in Puzzlewood for the forests of Middle Earth. 
There are a large variety of native trees in Puzzlewood such as yew, oak, beech, ash and lime. The natural erosion of the woodland (known as Scowles) exposed the iron ore which is common in the area, and so the forest was mined by Iron Age settlers through to Roman times. Thousands of Roman coins have been found in the area. 
What a wonderful day! Stepping into Puzzlewood felt like stepping into a fairytale. I wandered around the woods and winding paths for hours, drinking in the beauty and magic of the place…
If you ever go to the Forest of Dean then Puzzlewood is well worth a visit!


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