Love For Mother Earth

A photo from my evening walk a few days ago, Luthrie, Scotland

Oh Mother you are so beautiful! Thank you for all that you give. Thank you for holding me, rocking me and filling me with your love. Thank you for all the songs and stories you whisper to me. Thank your for this life.

One of my favourite things with this life and this body is the ability to walk. Every day my feet take me on an adventure somewhere. It can be a short walk up the same hill as yesterday – but it is always different. The shade of the sky will be different or I might stop to chat to the horses on the way, or I might find a new song singing in the wind. My daily walk is a time when I relax and take a break from work. Time to just walk and enjoy the beauty of nature, listening to the sounds of life all around and watching the changes of the seasons.

Yesterday I found a new song on my daily walk over the hills. A song in honour of Mother Earth. Apparently, it was Earth Day yesterday so the song was pretty fitting for the occasion! Well I think every day is Earth Day. Love Her. Honour Her. She is our Mother.

Here is the new song. Feel free to sing along!

Oh Mother you are so beautiful, and we honour you here today.

Oh we give thanks for the Mother Earth oh, thanks for the Mother Earth.

Love for the Mother Earth, oh love for the Mother Earth.


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