This Wednesday morning finds me in the village of Luthrie, in the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland. For the next few weeks, this is home. Home in a countryside cottage in a wee Scottish village among rolling green hills. What can I say? I couldn’t be happier! This place is like something from a fairy-tale and the lovely people living here in the village have made me feel so welcome…

Before coming here, I didn’t really know what to expect. I had never been to Luthrie before and I didn’t really know why I felt drawn to come here. I hadn’t exactly planned on visiting this area. From the beginning, my plan was to go further north and explore the islands of Scotland. But when I saw the picture of this cottage I just had this strong feeling to send an enquiry and one thing led to another… and now I am here.

Sometimes I am drawn to places without knowing why. Step by step, I am learning to trust my inner compass and follow its guidance all the more – especially while travelling. As a traveller, it is easy to feel that you have to go to the places that all the other tourists go to. People will also tell you that you must go there and you have to see that. But in my case, and I am sure I am not alone in this, I often find myself drawn to go to places that are not your typical tourist destinations. Places that are in the middle of nowhere. Places that I simply feel drawn to go to because of something I heard, a picture I saw, a certain tree I heard about or because of nothing in particular.

Trust your instincts. Go without knowing why and see what happens. Things will happen because that is the way of life. Eventually you will understand why you had to go there. Something was waiting for you there, a gift, an insight, a new friend, a story, an adventure. I have found that the more I dare to follow my heart the more magical life becomes.

When you follow your heart, life suddenly finds you in a countryside cottage in Scotland, hanging out in the living-room with a black cat called Tika.

I feel so content here, so at home. So happy to be here for over a month and explore the area. I love travelling in this way. Slowly. Taking time to truly be in a place and get to know the land, the people.

Places like this continue to remind me that joy is found in the small everyday things. Drinking coffee in the morning. Walking barefoot in the springtime. Warm scones.  Tulips. Climbing hills and looking out over the land. Looking at the moon. The stars. New friends. Sleeping cats.

The cottage where I am staying is on Airbnb so if you wish to visit this beautiful cottage in the tranquil village of Luthrie then check out:



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