Moon Magic

Art by Marti White Deer Song

One autumn, after living in my tipi all summer long, I moved up north to begin studying at Umeå University in northern Sweden. I rented a room at the home of a woman named Camilla Måne. “Måne” is the Swedish word for moon, and so it was that I moved in to the home of a priestess and artist named after the moon and together we began to gather a circle of women every full moon…
Watch how Luna lights up the night sky. See how she changes. Growing and expanding; fading and retreating. Luna is constantly changing, moving and shifting, as are we. By tuning into her cycles, we tap into a source of true power, magic and healing. 
There is a time for soaring high, and a time for resting deep… 
Our first moon ceremony took place outdoors by the river. The moon rose up from behind the forest to greet us and she was like great, glowing amber in the night sky as we gathered around the fire in a circle of women, singing, drumming, dancing…
After the ceremony, I bathed in the river. The Ume River has a very strong current! For a second I was sure it would sweep me off my feet and take me along with it. Thankfully, my strong legs kept me standing and I laughed out loud at the thought of myself being pulled along by the river, completely naked and helpless to the power of the current.
I love getting close to nature and how a strong current reminds me of the power of nature, and the flow of life, and how amazing it is to have strong legs that keep me standing steady. I love feeling, too, how easily it would be to just let go and let the river take me away somewhere new. The water was icy cold. The full moon was glowing in the sky above me. I could hear the sound of women laughing and talking behind me on the beach. 
Moving up north, I had no idea of what I was diving into. After living in my tipi all summer, I was a bit nervous about moving somewhere new and into society again. Moving indoors. Studying at university. Having to wear shoes again or as someone once put it as “putting blindfolds on your feet.”
Meeting my moon sister Camilla came as a great blessing, and while living in Umeå we gathered in a women's circle every full moon. Since then, I have been collecting songs to honour and connect with the different phases of the moon, and I have recorded three of the songs for you to listen to and sing along… Some songs are both in Swedish and English… 

 Maiden Moon - Waxing Moon Song

Oh the maiden of the moon,

She is growing and glowing,

Into the night.

Åh du måne, åh du sköna,

Vad du växer och lyser,

För varje dag.

Full Moon Song 

Mother Moon, oh Mother Moon,

Oh you fill us with your light.

Mother Moon, oh Mother Moon,

Oh you fill us with your love.

Moder Måne, Moder Måne,

Åh du fyller oss med ditt ljus,

Moder Måne, Moder Måne,

Åh du fyller oss med din kraft

Waning Moon / Dark Moon Song 

Into the night, she goes deep,

Into the night, she goes deep,

Into the dark, in search of the moonlight,

And she goes into the night,

And she goes into the night,

And she goes into the dark,

In search of the moonlight

Lastly, a big thank you to my moon sister and dear friend Camilla! I am so grateful that our paths crossed and for diving into the mysteries of the moon together! Camilla Måne is a priestess, artist, women's circle leader, singer and songwriter. Her songs and paintings honour Mother Earth and the Sacred Feminine. Camilla is one of the most inspiring women I know! She follows her heart wherever she goes and has an incredible gift for gathering people in circles. 


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