The original Findhorn caravan

9 pm and it's still light outside. The sky is a light pale blue up above and the birds are singing with the joy of spring. Just finished packing my bags yet another time. It’s my last night staying at Rainbow Lodge in Findhorn Ecovillage. Tomorrow I’ll catch a train to Edinburgh where I'll spend one night before flying home to Sweden.

As always, this past week has gone both quickly and slowly at the same time. Isn’t time a strange thing? I never seem to get my head around it.

I remember when I first read about Findhorn in a book I stumbled upon in a library many years ago. Reading about the original caravan, the garden and the giant vegetables. And now I am here and this past week has been such a blessing. I have spent a lot of time just walking, sitting in the gardens and sanctuaries, walking along the beach and soaking in the beauty, peace and tranquillity of this place. Slowing down... 

Thank you Findhorn for a wonderful stay. I have a feeling I will be back again some day. And thank you Sheril for your company - you are such a gifted storyteller!

A labyrinth among the sand dunes


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