Woodswomen Gathering

There was a time long ago when women could be seen in the woods…
You could find big women and small women, women mossy green and earthy brown, women fiery red and glittering gold, women frosty white and cloudy grey, women black as the night and pale as the moon. You could find women with long crooked noses, and rosy pink cheeks; women with warm brown eyes, and dirty bare feet…

The woodswomen are returning. Have you heard their dancing feet and cackling laughter in the woods? Have you seen them in the city, looking all out of place? The woodswomen are gathering and calling us home.

A few weeks ago, in the middle of the summer, I joined my sisters for a woodswomen gathering in Värmland, Sweden. We gathered in a circle to sing, dance and enjoy the bliss of summer days walking barefoot, eating fresh greens from the garden and swimming in the lake.

We gathered to share the bounty of our gifts, creating each day together in a circle. No leaders, no plans, no schedules. Creating in the moment and in tune with the flow of nature.

Sleeping in the woods on a bed of moss is my favourite kind of bed. I especially love how the mossy forest floor is so uneven and lumpy! I found the perfect wee lumpy hole that was so cosy to sleep in. I love waking up in the morning to the light of day and sound of birdsong.

Now, looking back, I feel like a cat purring in contentment. I am so grateful for my sisters and for gathering in the woods together. I take with me so many gifts, insights and blessings from our gathering and look forward to many more woodswomen gatherings in the future.

One morning as I was floating in the lake I picked up a song called “Mother Ocean”. We sang the song together and I recorded the song for you to listen to here on Soundcloud:

Mother Ocean, oh Mother Sea,

Carry me home, oh carry me home x2

Rock me gently, and hold me close,

Mother Ocean, oh Mother Sea x2


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