Among Wild Flowers - an interview with Anne Solveig

“My inner wild woman loves walking barefoot early in the morning, when the grass is still damp with dew…”
Meet Anne Solveig, woman of the wild flowers and sunny meadows. Anne has lived for many years in the woods of Småland, at Mundekulla in southern Sweden, but she is most at home on the sunny flower meadows. “I love flowers in their pure, wild form,” says Anne. “Flowers are so fascinating, how they can grow in the most unexpected places. They are so open, so trusting and such a beautiful expression of Mother Nature in her own wild, natural form, sharing their beauty in total surrender.”
Anne lives a semi-nomadic life, travelling between southern Spain and southern Sweden. She is a writer, musician, artist and leader of women’s circles, courses and retreats, and who is especially passionate about inspiring women to shine their light and share their gifts. Over the past years Anne has been a great inspiration in my life and her women’s festivals and retreats have meant so much to me. Anne is a woman who spreads light wherever she goes and who is just like the wild flowers of the meadow – a woman of natural beauty, sharing her wild wisdom with the world. 

Art by Anne Solveig

Anne Solveig and Peter Elmberg are the founders of Mundekulla Retreat Centre in southern Sweden. During my last trip to Mundekulla, I took part in Anne’s Shine Sister Retreat, and we sat down to talk about her connection with nature and journey with her own inner wild woman. 
Anne talked about her grandmother who lived on the island Öland, off the east coast of southern Sweden, and who meant a lot to Anne growing up. “She loved flowers and often said that nature was her church, her sanctuary. She loved walking out on alvaret – a special meadow on Öland full of wild flowers.”
“My grandmother had such a deep love for nature and for the animals. I remember her once telling me about a time when she helped a swan who was injured after a fight with another swan. She walked out in the water and carried the swan back to land, saving the swan from drowning…”
“Öland has always had a special place in my heart, in my roots, and it always reminds me of my grandmother. I often return to Öland during the summertime and I love walking out on the alvaret. The meadow is so open and you can see far out over the landscape. There are so many flowers of all kinds… and I feel so at home there, and such a strong connection to the divine…”

Solvända (image source)

“She feels the earth under her bare feet, the wind in her hair, and she lets go of all worries, in total surrender…”

“Here at Mundekulla there many wild flowers as well, and I especially love a flower called solvända – a small yellow flower that always turns towards the sun, just like me! I love the sun, and my inner wild woman truly comes to life in the springtime, when the earth is stirring and the flowers begin to blossom.”
“My inner wild woman loves walking barefoot early in the morning, when the grass is still damp with dew, and when it is warm enough so she can wear a light dress… She feels the earth under her bare feet, the wind in her hair, and she lets go of all worries, in total surrender. She is most at home on the meadow with the wild flowers, but she loves the forest as well, especially in the autumn…”
What does wild woman mean to you? Who is she?
“For me, wild woman doesn’t care about what the world expects her to do or look like… she goes her own way and listens to her heart. She knows that she is beautiful and whole just as she is. Mother Nature helps her and is always there for her. She reminds me of a book I once read about a group of women living in India who shared a strong longing for the divine… and they would dance and sing out of pure devotion… and they let go of all their possessions, sharing their love and wisdom with the people…”
“Wild woman is not afraid of letting go of things… she is free… and she loves food as well! My inner wild woman loves fresh fruit and picking berries in the forest… and in the summertime she can live off of a simple diet of fresh fruit, living in the little cottage up on the hill here at Mundekulla where there is no running water but where you can easily fetch fresh water from the well close by…”

Soon Anne is flying back to southern Spain where she is going to hold a Shine Sister Retreat in November. Hopefully I will have a chance to join Anne in Spain sometime and I can highly recommend Anne’s retreats and events to all women. Taking part in a woman’s retreat is a gift for your inner wild woman that will go a long way! Sister community bliss, singing,  sharing, mediation, yoga and much more… 

Learn more about Anne Solveig at her website
Anne's facebook group for women: Shine Sister


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