Wild Moon Sisters - the Way of Wild Woman

We are the Wild Moon Sisters – Stina Gray and Camilla Måne - a singing, drumming and storytelling duo based in Sweden. Together we write songs and create ceremonies for the different seasons of the year and elements of nature. Through song, story, dance and nature immersion, we explore the wild wisdom and healing magic of Mother Earth, and hold rewilding workshops, circles and ceremonies. And last weekend we held a full-day workshop for women in Swedish – “Vildkvinnans Väg” – The Way of Wild Woman
The Wild One stirs our longing to live more fully in our power, freedom and lust for life. The Way can only be found deep within the depths of one’s soul. It is that instinctive and intuitive part of us that guides us into our true power, magic and wildness...

Åh vi går med fötterna på jorden... and we walk with our feet on the earth… drumming our feet we danced around the altar in a circle of women, young and old, maiden, mother, crone. Raising our voices, we sang for Mother Earth. Camilla guided us into the wild woods with a beautiful dance meditation and I told one of my favourite stories, the Russian tale of Baba Yaga and Vasalisa. Dancing, singing and storytelling... we ventured into the realm of the Wild Mother and she presented us with a gift, a doll to help guide us on Her path, the Way of Wild Woman... 
“Take this doll and hold her close. If you take care of her then she will take care of you. If ever you should lose your way, ask her for help and she will guide you home...”
We birthed our Wild Woman dolls into being with an abundance of colour, creativity, moss, feathers and laughter. At the end of the workshop we honoured each Wild Woman and her newborn doll with a song. 
What a full-on magical day! Gathering in a circle of women between the ages of 25 and 80... so many different faces and expressions of the Wild Feminine. Thank you sisters, you are so beautiful.
And thank you Camilla. I am so happy to share this path with you and look forward to creating more magic together in the future! Already we are planning our next full-day workshop in the beginning of February 2018... so watch out world, here we come!
Some of our songs are available to listen to on Soundcloud and we are hoping to record our own CD soon. If you would like to learn more about our work and invite us to hold a workshop in your town, you can contact me at stinahannaline@gmail.com. Check out Camilla Måne's website here


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