The Travelling Storyteller

So the year of 2017 has come to an end. Looking back, I am filled with awe. This has been a year of spreading my wings and flying beyond my wildest dreams! 
A year of wandering the Scottish hills, telling stories by the fire, swimming in cold lakes in the woods of Värmland, standing at Findhorn beach singing with the sea, returning to the mountains up north, walking barefoot in a stone labyrinth, exploring the magical Isle of Avalon and walking over the Malvern Hills in search of an ancient tree...
For the most part of this year I have lived as a full-time travelling nomad, carrying my home in my backpack and drum-bag. In February I travelled to Glastonbury and from there I continued my journey throughout the spring, travelling throughout England, Wales and up north to Scotland. Travelling around the British Isles I met so many wonderful new friends and connected with such beautiful places. Scotland will always have a special place in my heart and I know I will be back again someday. 
While travelling I found myself slipping into my storytelling cloak in all sorts of odd places, sharing stories from the heart. Sometimes when meeting people, I sense how certain stories tug at my sleeve, and when I listen and let those stories be told, I am always blown away by how healing, magical and powerful storytelling can be. 
The more I walk this path, I find myself invoking and merging with the Never Ending Story, the great web of dreams and stories that have been told around fires since ancient times.

During the summer I returned to Sweden where I began working as a guide at Skansen Museum and where I also worked as a storyteller during the autumn holidays. Sitting by the fire dressed in clothes of the early 1800's, I found myself stepping into the shoes of my foremothers and forefathers...

2017 was the year Wild Moon Sisters was born. My friend Camilla and I have formed a storytelling, singing and drumming duo based here in Sweden. We create songs and ceremonies for the different seasons of the year and hold rewilding workshops for women. During the autumn we held our first workshop together which you can read more about here. In February we are going to hold our second workshop in Umeå, northern Sweden, for an intensive weekend of storytelling, dancing and singing, and a full-day women’s circle with Grandmother Ellika. 
And now as this year comes to an end, I am looking towards the New Year, continuing my journey as a travelling storyteller. In February I am going to return to New Zealand for a few months to catch up with family and friends. So the road beckons!
Thank you stars!

We are are based in Sweden where we write songs and hold circles, ceremonies and workshops for women, exploring the path of Wild Woman and returning to the healing wisdom of Mother Earth.


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