A New Chapter

A new chapter is beginning to unfold.
Last time I updated this blog was in October last year when I was preparing to write my bachelor’s thesis in ethnology. Now, almost four months later, the thesis is complete and almost four years of study have come to an end. 
After spending most of the autumn and winter at the archives, immersing myself in Swedish her-story and the fäbod transhumance culture at the turn of the 20th century, I kind of feel like a bear stepping out from a cave – hence why I haven’t been very active on social media for the past few months or very easy to get a hold of! Writing a thesis and researching archive materials is an incredibly time-consuming process and turns you into a time-traveller of sorts, living simultaneously in two worlds.
These years of study have been an incredibly enlightening and fascinating journey that has taken many twists and turns. The Swedish education system is thankfully very flexible (and free!) which has given me the freedom to design my own degree, combining my main subject (ethnology) with other subjects of interest such as Swedish history and folklore, Celtic history and literature, Sámi history and language studies. I have also been able to combine study with travel, spending some terms on campus and others on the road, studying some of my courses online.
My ethnology studies have also given me the opportunity to research subjects of my own interest and collect materials for my book. And now, after years of working on my book in the corners of everyday life, I can finally give my full focus to writing, storytelling and other projects. This morning I drew a card from the “Native Spirit” oracle deck by Denise Linn that really sums up what I am feeling right now – Freedom Horse – “Let your spirit fly!”
Ever since that cold winter’s day when I first heard the story of the woodswomen, I have been on a journey of wandering and listening, collecting songs and stories wherever I go, and now the journey continues – so stay tuned! As this new chapter unfolds, I will share some of the findings that I make along the way as I continue my research on Nordic history and folklore, as well as interviewing people today about their relationship with nature and journey into the wild. 
This year, I am also planning to record more of my songs and stories, and to start a storytelling podcast with stories in both Swedish and English. More about the podcast coming up soon, as well as more about the thesis I have been working on (once it is graded and published) – as well as much, much more!


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