Welcome to Sagoheim, a sanctuary where trees can speak, the rivers sing songs and the mountains whisper in an ancient tongue known only to those who listen from the very soles of their feet. Step inside and take a seat by the fire... 
Sagoheim means “Story Home,” or as I see it – Story Sanctuary – and is the name of my new podcast where I’ll be sharing songs and stories, as well as interviews and conversations about storytelling, rewilding, folklore, myth and much more. 
Many of the songs and stories that I share come from places in nature, and here in the first episode of The Sagoheim Podcast, I share my vision for the podcast along with a story that I once found whispering in the woods and a song that I found by a waterfall in the mountains of northern Dalarna, Sweden. The Story of the Woodswomen is the inspiration behind a book I am currently working on. For more about the book, stay tuned!
If you have any feedback, questions or stories you’d like to share, contact me by email at I would love to know what you think of the podcast!


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