Summer Reflections

On this full moon I give thanks for a beautiful and bountiful summer. My drum and I have travelled around the country, connecting with friends old and new, gathering people in circles to dance, sing and share stories of healing, returning and reawakening. 
Now it is so good to be home! I love travelling – but I also love returning home after an intensive period of storytelling, performance and teaching. Looking back at these past few weeks, I feel a deep sense of gratitude, awe and love. Life is truly magical. 
This summer I met a butterfly one day while out walking on a wildflower meadow on the beautiful grounds of Mundekulla Retreat Center in southern Sweden. The butterfly reminded me that I have come out on the other side of the cocoon. I am soaring! Years of path-finding have come to an end. I have found my path. 
I say I’m a storyteller, writer and ethnologist – but really I am a gatherer of bones, like old Bone Woman in her cave, gathering the bones and singing them to life, preserving that which is at risk of being lost to the world. There is much work to be done. Much has been lost, forgotten and suppressed in a culture that has lost touch with its roots, its bones and its old ways of knowing. And yet the earth remembers. The mountains sing. The woods still breathe of magic, of ancient wisdom, of mythlines reaching far back in time and into the future, weaving us all into the palms of their hands. Nature whispers to those who listen.
This is my work. To gather the bones and sing them to life. To gather people around the fire for the kind of music that drums your soul wide awake and the kind of storytelling that bring you back to your bones, your roots, your origins, your magic, your wild instincts and intuitive ways of knowing. To listen to the whispers of Great Grandmother Earth as she guides me forward on this path. 
This is my path, my gift to the world – and I walk this path and share this gift with all my heart and all my love for the earth, the ancestors and future generations. 
Now I look forward to diving into my writing cave throughout the coming autumn and winter, working on my upcoming book. I won’t be a complete hermit however! On Saturday the 28th of September I will be holding a full-day moon lodge for women in Järna, Sweden, together with the priestess and women’s circle leader Camilla Måne. Camilla and I will also be holding a rewilding women’s weekend in Stjärnsund, Sweden on the 8 – 10th of November. Both these events are in Swedish but if you are interested in taking part in our women’s circles and gatherings in English please let us know by sending me an email at If there is enough interest, we will look into planning a future event in English. 
This summer, Camilla and I had a pre-release concert for our new album Invocation at the Shine Sister Festival at Mundekulla. The album is a collection of drum songs and chants in both Swedish and English. The official release date is on the full moon 14th of September!

Mundekulla Retreat Center, Sweden

Wild Moon Sisters, Camilla Måne and Stina Gray, pre-release concert at Shine Sister Festival, Mundekulla

Candlelit storytelling night in the old cafe, Mundekulla

Shine Sister Festival team - Camilla Måne, Anne Solveig, Ellika Lindén and Stina Gray

Shine Sister Festival team - Anne Solveig, Katinka Soetens, Stina Gray

Shine Sister Festival 2019 Mundekulla - all the sisters shining!

Circle dances at Circle Way Camp, Mundekulla

Storytelling workshop at Circle Way Camp, Mundekulla

Storytelling retreat in Valbo, Sweden


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