Wild Wolf Lass

Image: Lucy Campbell

Long ago there lived a lass,
dressed in white with flowers red.
On the surface she was calm,
but in her heart a wild wolf lived.

Down the street she walked among,
people laughing, talking, smiling,
and she too, wore a mask,
she wore it well, she knew the game.

Out and over fields she strayed,
watching birds fly high above,
flying, circling, round and round,
oh she wished she too had wings.

Down the street she walked and smiled,
but underneath her mask she cried.
In her heart there lived a wolf,
a wolf who sang a secret song.

And with every day that passed,
the flowers red began to bleed,
trickling, crying, down her dress,
and down the street for all to see.

Running, crying, howling she,
ran into the woods of old.
There she slept on a green moss bed,
safe and sound in the old wild wood.

In the wild she went away,
and never was seen again.
Her hair grew long and her paws grew strong,
and in her heart a wild wolf lived.

Running, laughing, howling loud,
she roamed the land far and wide.
She had no shoes, no feather bed,
but her eyes shone bright and her cheeks flushed red.

So if you ever go into
the woods at night in a full moon glow,
maybe, maybe, you will hear,
the howling song of a wild wolf lass.

A song from a twilight walk in Malvern, England.
Music and lyrics: Stina Gray


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