The Three Gold Hairs: A Winter Solstice Story

In the deepest, darkest of nights, at the warm, bright hearth of Old Grandmother Holle, we find deep healing and rest. Here, in the stillness of midwinter, new dreams are kindled to life. We are reborn. "The Three Gold Hairs" is one of my favourite yuletide tales about the winter solstice - the rebirth of the sun. 

My telling of this tale is inspired by the storyteller Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs who writes in Women Who Run With the Wolves: "The little core of The Three Gold Hairs was given to me by my 'Tante' Kata, a gifted healer and powerful prayer-maker who grew up in Eastern Europe." Also: "Here again we see old La Que Sabe, the two-million-year-old woman. She is the one who knows. To be held in her arms before the fire is restorative, reparative."

Listen to the story here below as a video or sound recording: 


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