Winter Storytelling: Into the Bear Cave


Image by Susan Seddon Boulet

Rehearsing one of my favourite winter stories today – a story inspired by the bear folklore and mythology of Northern Europe. This story gives me wings, taking me back to a time long, long ago, when most of my motherland still lay under ice. Look forward to sharing this story soon with the circle of women joining our first year long journey with Vildkvinnans Väg (Path of Wild Woman), starting (online) on the 13th of February.

Now there are only four spots left! Do you feel the call to join us on this empowering journey through the seasons of the year? On this journey we will open our senses to the magic of nature and drink from a deep well of women's wisdom through story, myth, drumming, singing, dance, nature immersion, ceremony and from listening and giving voice to the living stories born in the healing space of a women's circle. Learn more (in Swedish) here.

We will hold this year's journey in Swedish, but we may look into holding more courses in English in the future. If you are interested in taking part in our courses in English, write to us at 

Image by Jackie Morris


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