Spring Equinox: Welcoming the Wild

Now we are standing on the cusp of the Spring Equinox. The days are growing lighter and the landscape is slowly transforming. This magical time of year often reminds me of a wild, stormy day seven years ago. It was early March and I was staying at a beautiful retreat center in southern Sweden called Mundekulla, taking part in a retreat for women held by Anne Solveig, a wise woman and dear friend whose women’s circles and retreats have been such a blessing in my life.

I first came to Mundekulla one summer 11 years ago. Since then, I have returned many times and always feel such a strong sense of home whenever I return. This is where I found my tribe and true sense of belonging after being trapped for so long in an outcast-identity and feeling of not belonging in this world. Founded in 1998 by Anne Solveig and Peter Elmberg, Mundekulla Retreat Center has blossomed over the years into a heaven on earth that has transformed so many lives, including mine – bringing people home to the earth, to their true selves and to the circle way of living in harmony with nature. 

That wild, stormy day in early March, I was drawn to one of my favourite places at Mundekulla – the Labyrinth. Born under an Aquarian sun, I have a rather special relationship to storms. Stormy weather stirs something to life in me, and that stormy day in-between Winter and Spring, I took off my shoes and began dancing in the labyrinth, dancing to the rhythm of a melody that was born in that moment, and singing the words of a song that was beginning to form under the stormy skies. Wild one come with your fire and flame, wild one come with your thunder and rain, wild one come with your wise ways old, wild one come paint the grey skies gold!

Invocation to the Wild is a powerful chant for welcoming the wild winds of change and transformation into your life. It is a wonderful chant for this time of year as we head into Spring after the long Winter. Open the windows and let in some fresh air! Take off your shoes, let down your hair, dance and welcome the Wild One into your home, body and realm! Thank the Winter for the blessings, teachings and insights it has given and step into Spring dancing and singing with all your wild passion…  

Listen to the chant here in this video where I have compiled a slideshow with photos of the Mundekulla Labyrinth. Thank you to Agneta Henning for making the labyrinth with all of its 1000 rocks. It is such a magical and healing place. Thank you to Anne Solveig for allowing me to use her beautiful photos of the labyrinth.

Thank you to the wonderful team at Avadhuta Studio for making the recording of this song possible. Thank you to the backup singers Eva Cederblad and Camilla Måne. This recording of Invocation to the Wild was released on the harvest full moon in September 2019, on the album INVOCATION by Wild Moon Sisters (Stina Gray & Camilla Måne) – a collection of drum songs and chants for circle gatherings and ceremonies inspired by our work at Path of the Wild Woman and by the landscape and seasons of our motherland Sweden.  


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