My name is Stina Gray and I’m a storyteller, singer-songwriter and ethnologist from Sweden and New Zealand. Ever since I first found the story of The Woodswomen whispering in the woods, I have been on a journey of woodland wanderings, collecting songs and stories wherever I go.
My love for nature and passion for giving voice to her-story is at the heart of my work. As a storyteller, I work with folktales and myths, as well as writing my own songs and stories inspired from the mythological landscape of Northern Europe. I give storytelling performances, hold workshops and storytelling retreats, work with Storypath Astrology and am currently working on a book. I also write songs, perform and work together with the priestess Camilla Måne, offering rewilding women’s circles, gatherings and workshops. Of all the strings to my bow, writing and storytelling are my main focus.
I hope that my songs and stories kindle a spark of magic in your fire hearth and inspire you go on your own journey of discovery, tuning in to the stories around you and within you, awakening your senses to the songs of the earth and dreaming of the land.   
Contact: sagoheim@gmail.com
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Sharing songs and stories at the 2018 Shine Sister Women's Festival at Mundekulla Retreat Center


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