Sharing woodland tales in Trollskogen (The Troll Woods), Järna. Photo by Emma Wägbring

Welcome to Sagoheim, a storytelling hearth based in Sweden, offering storytelling performances, workshops, courses, retreats, woodland story walks and online events.

My name is Stina Gray and I am a storyteller, ethnologist, folklorist and musician with roots in Sweden, New Zealand, Scotland and Ireland. As a storyteller, I work with traditional folktales and myths, as well as writing my own songs and stories, mainly inspired by the places where I have my roots and the nature, seasons and mythological landscape of Europe. I am especially passionate about the healing power of storytelling and giving voice to forgotten stories throughout history.

You can also find me sharing stories and holding courses together with the priestess and women’s circle leader Camilla Måne at Vildkvinnans Väg (The Path of Wild Woman), a school and community based in Sweden, offering music and rewilding women's circles, courses and moon lodges.

I also work as an astrologer. Learn more at Storypath Astrology.

I hope that my songs and stories kindle a spark of magic in your fire hearth and inspire you go on your own journey of discovery, tuning in to the stories around you and within you, awakening your senses to the songs of the earth and dreaming of the land.  

Contact: sagoheim@gmail.com

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Telling traditional folktales at Skansen Open-Air Museum in Stockholm


“Stina is a woman full of wisdom and magic. Listening to her stories is one of the most healing things I have ever experienced. She is a big inspiration and powerful guardian of mother earth” – Rebecca Tiger, priestess, Sweden

”What I experienced during Stina’s storytelling is something beyond this physical reality. It isn’t just a person telling a story. This storyteller transcends dimensions and time. She sits there in her rocking chair and when she begins to speak a portal is opened to a world of stories, myth and magic. And suddenly you are there, in the story realm and on the floor in front of the woman’s feet at the same time. As if the magic takes place in a NOW that just then and there feels eternal! The ability to bring one back to ones childhood is so valuable. It is as if one is given the chance to look inside and through one’s inner child see, bring fourth and process that which is ready to heal and see the light again. I am so grateful that I got to meet Stina and listen to her stories” – Therese Jord, course participant, Sweden

”Fabulous storyteller and magic spinner of tales,” – Katinka Soetens, The Magdalene Mystery School, England

“The best storytelling performance I have ever experienced,” – Lisbet Persson, audience member, Sweden

”Stina tells stories with a gentle intensity and fantastic presence that enchants me from beginning to end. She has really found her own unique voice” – Sissi Saller, storyteller, Sweden

”Sagoheim has been a sanctuary for myself in learning about my connection to the land and the roots of this earth, and my own spirituality to the land and my purpose on my own journey. Thank you Stina for offering such beautiful insights into this earth,” – Rachael Downs, audience member, New Zealand

”I had such a lovely day with your stories, you are so good at telling stories with such passion and suspense. Together with drumming, singing and dancing it was a wonderful day” – Mari Carlson, course participant, Sweden


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