My name is Stina Gray and I am a woodswoman and storyteller with my roots in Sweden and New Zealand. Ever since I first heard the story of The Woodswomen whispering in the woods, I have been on a journey of wandering and listening, collecting stories and songs wherever I go. 
Growing up I spent most of my childhood barefoot, close to the sea, the bush and the hobbit hills of rural New Zealand. In 2008 I returned to Sweden and have since been exploring my roots in Scandinavia and the British Isles.
Currently I am based in Sweden but move around a lot, living a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Sometimes you can find me on the streets of Stockholm with a heavy backpack full of books. Other times you might find me in the woods, weaving stories around the fire.
I am currently working on a book, researching the folklore and history of Nordic woodswomen, and interviewing people about their relationship with nature. You can read about some of my findings and interviews here in this blog, and you can also follow my wanderings on Facebook or Instagram @woodswomanwanderings. 
As both an astrologer and storyteller, I work especially with what I call Storypath Astrology. For more information check out my astrology page

Contact: stinahannaline@gmail.com


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