Stina Gray is a writer, storyteller and ethnologist from Sweden and New Zealand. Ever since she first found the story of The Woodswomen whispering in the woods, she has been on a journey of woodland wandering and listening to the whispers of nature, collecting songs and stories wherever she goes.
Growing up, she spent most of her childhood barefoot, exploring the hobbit hills of rural New Zealand. In 2008, she returned to her motherland Sweden and has since been exploring her roots in Scandinavia and the British Isles. Nowadays she is based in Sweden although still lives something of a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Sometimes you may find her on the streets of Stockholm with a heavy backpack full of library books. Other times you may find her in the woods, spinning songs and stories around the fire. 
Currently Stina is working on a book about the forgotten stories of the Nordic woods. She hosts the Sagoheim storytelling podcast, gives storytelling performances and holds storytelling walks in the woods where she combines the magic of story with nature awareness exercises. She also writes songs and holds rewilding workshops, women’s circles and moon lodges together with the priestess and women’s circle leader Camilla Måne. They are planning on releasing their first album in 2019 and you can listen to some of their music on Soundcloud at Wild Moon Sisters.
Also an astrologer, Stina combines storytelling and astrology into what she calls Storypath Astrology where she helps clients become aware of their own stories of healing and insight. For more information about horoscope readings, visit her astrology page.
Stina hopes that her songs and stories kindle a spark of magic in your fire hearth and inspire you to go outside and listen to the whispers of nature with all of your senses. When you begin to truly listen to nature, your world will never be the same afterwards. 
Contact: sagoheim@gmail.com
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Sharing songs and stories at the 2018 Shine Sister Women's Festival at Mundekulla Retreat Center
Photo by Tanja Muratova.


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