Storypath Astrology is a combination of Stina Gray's work as an astrologer and storyteller.

Astrology can help us gain a broader perspective and deeper understanding of own unique path in life. Stina works especially with mapping out the storypath of the horoscope and helping clients become aware of their own medicine stories of healing, power and insight.

Book a horoscope reading for new insights on your life path.

Astrology readings are available by appointment in Stockholm, Sweden, or by long distance where the recorded reading is sent to you as a digital download to listen to at home.
To book an astrology reading, Stina will need to know your date, place and time of birth as accurately as possible. 

Full Birthchart Reading – 750 SEK

Transit Reading – 850 SEK

Short readings (30 minutes) are available for 350 SEK and if you would like to follow up with a full birthchart reading you can pay 650 SEK instead of the usual price of 750 SEK. 

For more information and enquiries contact Stina at


Comments from previous clients:

“I got my birth horoscope from Stina a while ago and it was not the first time I had that done. I loved it so much because Stina's way of working with astrology made me see the big picture of the journey I am on in this Life much clearer. Whatever we talked about was linked to the greater journey which made me understand the details in a new way. She is so gifted in telling stories that reach deep into the soul and with astrology it was like she told the story of me with such grace, honor and respect. I highly recommend this wise woman.”
Camilla Måne

"Stina has given me an insight as to what lies ahead for my future and hope. She has a gift that clearly is something of value, as her professional and honest approach to astrology opened up my eyes to new pathways that I have had yet to see. I look forward to sitting with Stina again in a years time to review my transit and what new challenges and journeys lie ahead. Thank you Stina for your guidance."
Rachael Downs

“Tack Stina Gray! Din fantastiska berättarröst berörde mig som vårens första fågelkvitter i mitt öra. Jag fick astrologiska konkreta redogörelser med personliga ursprungsberättelser som bara Du kan göra. Naturliga gåvor och talanger förklarar du väl i varje ord och rad. Bästa rekommendationer lämnas till dig läsare; Beställ Ditt personliga astrologiska Livsblad av Stina, så kommer du att landa och bli glad.” 
Ingela Johnzon


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