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Storypath Astrology

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Astrology is a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation, and opens our eyes to the big picture of our life journey. Every birth chart has its very own mythological landscape, and as a storyteller and astrologer, I specialize in tuning in and giving voice to what I call the Story Path of the birth chart – the guiding, healing and empowering stories on your life path.  

The birth chart reveals our original intention for this lifetime and can serve as a helpful reminder of that which we already know on a deep level but sometimes need a little help remembering. My main intention as an astrologer is to provide you as a client with the symbolic keys that can best serve you in embracing your whole mythological landscape – an abundant source of inner power, wisdom and courage – and remembering your own unique song and gift to the world.

Book an astrology reading for guidance on your life path and insight into your own personal collection of medicine stories. Astrology readings are available by long distance via Zoom. The reading is recorded as an audio file and sent to you as a digital download. To book an astrology reading, I will need to know your date, place and time of birth as accurately as possible. 


Birth Chart Reading: 1100 SEK (110 EUR/135 USD) Complete birth chart reading for new clients.

Transit Reading (for the upcoming year): 1100 SEK (110 EUR/135 USD) This reading scans the horizon for the upcoming year, looking into your current and upcoming cycles of growth and transformation. 

Guidance Session: 500 SEK/per hour (50 EUR/65 USD) For clients looking for guidance on a specific question, topic or crossroad in life.

Gift Card: 1100 SEK (110 EUR/135 USD) Purchase an astrology reading as a gift for family and friends. The gift card is sent to you as a PDF.


Feedback from Previous Clients:

“I serendipitously came upon Stina, and felt very drawn to working with her. I loved my experience with her reading my chart, so much. Her insightful interpretations were expressed through the lens of a beautiful story teller, weaving together intriguing metaphors, symbolic tales, and the importance of fully appreciating and understanding planetary positions. What a fascinating and profound way to access the past, present, and what lies ahead, to remain in alignment with my highest vision. I look forward to working with Stina in the future and experiencing more of her magic!” Valerie Patroni

Hearing the different and sometimes conflicting aspects of my identity come to life as characters in Stina’s astrology reading made me understand them, appreciate them and start treating them in a new way. I listened to the reading through both tears and laughter. It was magical, beautiful and empowering. Stina gave me a clearer sense of the path that has led me to where I am now, and I feel ready to embark on the next stage of my journey with greater courage, bringing all parts of myself, as well as my very own little fairy-tale, along.” Sanna Östergren

“I got my birth horoscope from Stina a while ago and it was not the first time I had that done. I loved it so much because Stina's way of working with astrology made me see the big picture of the journey I am on in this life much clearer. Whatever we talked about was linked to the greater journey which made me understand the details in a new way. She is so gifted in telling stories that reach deep into the soul and with astrology it was like she told the story of me with such grace, honour and respect. I highly recommend this wise woman.” Camilla Måne

“Stina is a woman full of wisdom and magic. The healing power of astrology really comes to life through her way of weaving storytelling into the reading. Listening to her stories is one of the most healing things I have ever experienced. She is a big inspiration and powerful guardian of mother earth” (Translated from Swedish) Rebecca Tiger

"Stina has given me an insight as to what lies ahead for my future and hope. She has a gift that clearly is something of value, as her professional and honest approach to astrology opened up my eyes to new pathways that I have had yet to see. I look forward to sitting with Stina again in a years’ time to review my transit and what new challenges and journeys lie ahead. Thank you Stina for your guidance." Rachael Downs

”Stina’s interpretation of my birth chart was magical! I received so much confirmation and support. I now listen to my intuition and follow the path of love even more! The reading is done in a way so that you get a beautiful story about your life. Beautiful and true!” (Translated from Swedish) Katrin Skoglund

”Thank you Stina Gray for valuable affirmations in alignment with my inner longing. You have guided me to new openings by shedding light on the gifts and opportunities that I carry with me in this lifetime. Your beautiful explanations, soulful voice and a personal story are some of the puzzle pieces that strengthen my experience of a wholeness that moves me deeply.” (Translated from Swedish) Marita Eklann Bro



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